SGX-70 is a robust, mechanically sensitised, high-energy bulk explosive suitable for use in wet blast holes. The SGX-70 product is delivered into the blast hole via a pump and hose to displace the ground water. Upon being pumped into the blast hole, the SGX-70 watergel matrix is cross-linked. Cross-linking transforms the product from a thickened gel to a semi solid firm product and provides the water resistance properties of the product.


The benefits of SGX-70 watergel are:

  • SGX-70 has very good water resistance in wet holes with no dynamic water.
  • Due to the relatively low water content of SGX-70 it is ideal for applications requiring both high shock and high heave energy.
  • No down hole variable gassing. The whole batch is mechanically sensitised to the required cup density and confirmed as correct prior to loading into the blast hole.
  • Stemming can commence immediately after loading.
  • The cross-linking action reduces stemming penetration into the product during stemming operations.
  • The formulation is naturally reactive ground inhibited.


SGX-70 is a high energy, low water content product ideal for wet blast holes in hard ground. SGX-70 is batch mixed on site before delivery into the blast hole. SGX-70 can be delivered into the hole at a wide range of densities ranging from 0.90 to 1.25 gm/cc at a delivery rate of 60 to 150 kg/min.

  • In dry blast holes where no water is present, SGX-70 can be slept for up to 4 weeks.
  • In blast holes where static water is present, depending on hole diameter, SGX-70 should ideally be fired within 48 hours from the loading time.
  • In blast holes where dynamic water is present, depending on hole diameter, SGX-70 should ideally be fired on the same day as loading to no more than 24 hours from the loading time.


(Stated at 100MPa)

Properties ANFO SGX-70
Energy¹ (MJ/kg) 3.77 3.20
Relative Weight Strength¹ 100 85
Relative Bulk Strength¹ 100 93-130
Normal Density Range² 0.7-0.85 0.9-1.25
Minimum Hole Diameter 60 89
Water Resistance³ 0 4
Sleeping Time in Dry Holes4 4 Weeks 4 Weeks
  1. Energy values, Relative Weight Strength and Relative Bulk Strength are calculated using an in-house thermodynamic code. This traditional way of calculating energy is directly related to density and does not take into account the distribution of energy.

  2. A number of factors affect the final product density including in-hole conditions, ammonium nitrate density, matrix density, ammonium nitrate fines and the amount of air entrainment. The density of the SGX-70 product is able to range from 0.90gm/cc to 1.25gm/cc by entraining air into the matrix.

  3. Water resistance is a qualitative measure with 0 being none, 3 being good and 5 being excellent.

  4. Sleep times are dependent on in-hole water conditions. In general the longer a particular product sleeps the poorer blasting outcomes. Holes with dynamic water should be loaded and shot immediately, while in extreme dynamic water conditions extra precautions may be required. The sleep time in non-reactive rock types should never exceed 4 weeks.


UN No: Shipping Name: Class:
0241 Explosive, Blasting, Type E 1.1D

Recommendations for Use

SGX-70 is delivered into the blast hole by being pumped from the MPU through a small diameter hose. SGX-70 should always be loaded from the bottom of the hole displacing the water to the surface when filling the hole. Top loading is not recommended and proper hose handling techniques should be employed at all times.

Priming Requirements

In holes with a diameter equal or less than 127mm the minimum primer required is a 150gm cast booster. In holes with a diameter greater than 127mm the minimum primer required is a 400gm cast booster. It is recommended that an additional cast booster be used every 15 metres of column charge to reduce the risks associated with explosive column disruption.


SGX-70 is only available in bulk, delivered through bulk MPU delivery systems.


Information regarding this product is available from the relevant Synegex product MSDS.


All explosives are classified as Dangerous Goods and must be transported in accordance with relevant State and Commonwealth regulations. SGX-70 cannot be transported on a public road in the MPU. SGX-70 is batch manufactured when loaded into the MPU from non-explosive ingredients.

Storage & Security

All explosives are classified as Dangerous Goods and must be stored and secured in accordance with the relevant State and Commonwealth regulations.


Warning and Disclaimer:
To the best of Synegex Holdings knowledge the information contained in this data sheet is accurate at the time of issue. The conditions under which this information is used is outside the control of Synegex Holdings and each user should review and is responsible for being aware of the product applications in the specific context of the intended use. Synegex Holdings is not responsible for damages of any nature resulting from the use of or reliance upon the information in this data sheet. To the extent to which Synegex Holdings is able, all conditions, representations and warranties, whether express or implied, not required to be binding by statute are excluded.

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